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Dignity, Wellbeing, Respect and Equity

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Our Visiting Service

A befriending service to help end loneliness and social isolation

Enjoy Company, Connections and Conversations.



Gentle Exercise Groups to Build Strength and Balance.

A Door to Door Taxi Service for Those with Mobility Limitations.


These Courses Help Build Your Knowledge and Confidence to Keep You Safe on the Road.

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Knit  - A -Square

Please click the button below to email us your details. 

We are wanting to get blankets knitted over the next 2 months to give out to  people who need them in our communities.

If you are a knitter and would like to knit a square or more, please get in touch with me now!

Knit-a-square and warm an adult in 3 easy steps.

1. Get a group of keen knitters together if you can – or just knit yourself.

2. Using 4mm needles and DK or 8ply yarn of any colour, cast on 35 stiches (adjusted to create an exact 17cm square). Using only garter stitch, knit until it measures 17cm. The squares must be exactly 17 x 17 cm square so when all pieced together will create an even blanket.

3. Either sew them up to create a blanket 8 squares each way to make one large square or arrange with Jo to collect the squares to be sewn up.

4. At the end of May, Jo will be in contact with you all re pick up of the knitting.

I would like all the knitting completed by the 1st June.

Please get in touch with Jo if you are wanting to join in and we will keep in touch along the way.

Many thanks, and happy knitting.

How You Can Help Us

Volunteering with us means giving to an increasing vulnerable community. Time spent with an older adult will mean so much.

We are a Charity Service, Your Support will Help us Keep our Services Available

Looking to help an older adult?

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